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April 23, 2008


Mood Ring Momma

This blog was not for me. No amount of blogs, recipes and testimonials will ever get me to like fish. When forced to eat it as a kid, I hid it in my napkin and flushed it down the toilet everytime. So glad to be a grownup and just stride right on by the seafood dept. The rub of it all, because of course there has to be one, is that I have one child that loves fish - and not the cheap kind either.

sue hepworth

Dear Sally, I have tagged your blog. Read my Sue Hepworth blog at www.suehepworth.com to see what it means.

expat princess

Dear God and holy mackerel. I am with Mood Ring Momma. You can imagine how fun the fish section is here at the grocery store - your husband took some fine photos. I probably ate nothing but fish in my last life which is why I am loathe to ingest it now.

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