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August 12, 2008


Mood Ring Momma

Para. 2 - Hilarious.

My biggest complaint is the continued attention on the USA basketball team. WHO CARES??? We can see these dirt bags any old night in the NBA, or read about their extracuricular affairs (read "marital affairs," "drug busts," "weapons charges") in the morning paper. I want to hear about the unknowns - their dedication to their sport despite the lack of notoriety. Natalie Coughlin is way more interesting than Kobe Beef Bryan. Especially in a toga.

Mood Ring Momma

I meant "Bryant".


Ummmmm ... if I remember anything from my Ancient History class in college it was that no togas were provided for athletes competing in the games. (I think even the fig leaves came much later.)Technology is great, but nature has its moments!

expat princess

So they went naked, Winnie? Even more exciting!!!! Bring it on!!!!


E.P. - Jut try to imagine yourself tossing a discus in your toga! Less is more.

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