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April 24, 2006



Mom - Do you think you have any pictures of you in the swim suit? I'm dying to see what it was like! Fun story, and one I'd never heard before! - MCS

Mary-Katherine Rogers

Igualmente! Tell me more, tell me more! I especially cannot visualize a Tiajuana that sold clothing one would actually wear, to the Italian Riviera no less.

sally calligan

Some where there may be a picture. I think the story here is that I was the only one whacked enough to wear the suit. Still to this day I remember the suit and I was very reluctant to throw it away. I think I liked it as I was self concsious of my boobs. The halter top covered all of that. At the Riviera I certainly did not want to wear a bikini.


I like the fact that you were so charmed by this swim suit. Did Susie like it too?


My mother loved the suit.

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