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April 24, 2006



Mother, you've told me that part of the story before but I forgot. It must have been terrifying, but of course now I laugh out loud. And it's particularly funny that you wrote about the vaccination today given that DV just got a chicken pox immunization and then my doctor told me that since I'm not 100% sure I have immunity that we shouldn't be together. Well ok, we can be together. We just can't kiss, share glasses, etc. Thankfully being pregnant reduces my urge for heavy make out sessions.


Oliver Stone would say that the Federalis implanted you with a tracking device or a test serum. That is a freaky story - think of all the diseases that were swapped at that border? Mere - I don't think I've had a "heavy make out session" since the '90s. Do people still play tonsil hockey?

Lisa Marshall

Sally: As the mother of the little girl in the photo, the one with your grandson looking at her bikini, I think there's nothing cuter than two five-year old friends.

What a scary story!!! I can't believe your family went throught that! I also have a small pox vaccination scar. Does that give away my age???


To Lisa,
I think this means that you live in the dumb state that requires only 4 hours for a cousuelor liscense. I think that most of the scaring stopped for people who are in their late 50's.
The little girl in the picture is precious and I did not know if you would want her pictures with her face displayed. I would like to answer your blog, but I have trouble negotiating the getting on process.

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