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April 27, 2006



As one of the beneficiaries of the art lesson, I can tell you how fun it was -- the boys were genuinely having a good time and I learned a lot. (I must admit, I wasn't terribly disappointed with my pig, although in truth it is the world's skinniest pig ever.) My mom always downplays what a wonderful grandma she actually is -- the boys ADORE her, and are still talking about their art lesson. I am still laughing about Gabe's comment though: "Ahhh, Grandmere? You're actually a better painter than a drawer." This was his critique after seeing her quick sketch of my face. Pretty mortifying, but at the same time reassuring, because he said it in critique of the Mick Jagger sized-mouth with horse teeth I was given.

Lisa Marshall

Sally Mrs. Calligan: I can see Gabe right now telling you you're a better painter than a drawer! As I've said before, reading your blog leads me to the conclusion that your three very talented daughters owe a lot of their creativity to you!

Mary-Katherine Rogers

I, too, can totally hear Gabe saying that to you. I did not inherit this gift and thus admire it greatly in others. I think teaching grandchildren how to do something is much more productive than one's own children - they appear to actually listen and learn! I am teaching my children how to do what I say. Heil Mother!

Mary-Katherine Rogers

Just so there is no confusion, the Mother reference was to me, not Sally.

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