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August 15, 2008


Mood Ring Momma

Interesting! Ramsay is so high b/c he has a major network television show (dumb!). Bourdain isn't really even a chef anymore - more of a food critic/world traveler. Bobby Flay - I know someone who knows him. Did you know he is married to a television star (Law & Order: SVU). Where do you think the Barefoot Contessa is? She has to be pretty high up there, don't you think?

expat princess

I was wondering if Ina was in the running myself. Love her books!


I am thinking that Ina does not make all that much. She could have made money when she sold her business, but even that is unlikely. I think there is only so much money you can make in the field. I am also thinking Rachel's earnings from food will be coming down and most of her profits will be from some kind of investments. I do think her star in the sun is over.

stephanie lynch

I love Paula Deen - her boys came to a charity event we attended - they were awesome. I had my picture taken with them and also have a signed poster. Her recipes are very fattening, however.


I surely can vouch for the poor stuff Wolfgang Puck shops purvey in airports. Terrible stuff. Breakfast was the worst. I have never seen any of his restaurants / franchises outside of the US though (being non-US based).

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