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October 28, 2009


Mood Ring Mama

Lovely picture. If I recall Steve also has two loving parents in the Portland area, and a brother in Ireland. He is also a world traveler and explorer, and a photographic hobbiest.

I was given tea cups as a bridal gift, and they are lovely. However, I rarely drink tea, and when I do, it is out of a big mug. While the tea cup tradition is sweet, it's not very practical. I now have about 15 teacups and saucers to store, and could get by with one. But they were wedding gifts, so I will never be able to get rid of them.


geeez did you lose your sense of humor?


Geez Michael could have written this post. What makes you think the tea cup tradition was ever thought of as practical. I mean it was the days of Father knows best. Glad to know that you are into practical.

Anyhow, Grandma Susie just sent Lynn a tea cup.


That would be comment not post.


Radish- I thought it was funny what you said about Steve. Beautiful post. Congrats, Lynn!

MRM- why don't you buy a small display cabinet for your tea cups?


Lynn loves the post and her new tea cup! Thank you for making the occassion so special!

Mood Ring Mama

Very funny Mother. BTW - my humor is in tact. Did you know if you say the word "gullible" real slow it sounds like green beans?

expat princess

I have lost my sense of humor. What does Paragraph 2 mean??? Love the photo. Maybe we should all try writing this as an excercise.

expat princess

P.S. I have all my tea cups and love them. 425, I actually bought a hutch to display them! They are all in Florida. Sometimes I serve chocolate pot de cremes in them.


I am sure the writing is horrible, but you know I have been on the Internet with India for two days.

In truth since I stopped writing every day, I really can not write. Mind to fingers is not good.


And the only place I can really write is on the Internet as my margins still do not work.

Dave Huddleston

Greetings e tanti auguri to Lynn, from an old former Peace Corps Hungary 8 volunteer, Dave H.

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