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October 09, 2009



Oh, Radish. You need to join us for one of our Girls Night Out! The conversation in the car would make you blush!


Yes Heidi, it would make me blush. But sex and kids are no longer in our vocabulary. I thought this was pretty funny myself, but I guess I should have named it Four OlD Bats in the Car. Thanks for giving me some perspective.

NC Via Humboldt

I really liked this post. It made for some good images.

Mood Ring Mama

I'm glad the "4 Old Bats in the Car" arrived safely at their destination, and home again. That's what I was worried about. I bet the psalm-talk protected you during the drive.

425Heidi - I know not of what you speak. I am a perfect lady when we go out.


425Heidi--you are the ring leader. "And that's why he never wore shorts."

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