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September 23, 2010


Mood Ring Mama

Everything you make is delicious, and I can only imagine how great this meal was too. xoxoxo


All of these pictures of food are makng me very hungry... and I just finished a peanut butter sandwich. Well, half of one.... trying to watch my intake. At least it was whole wheat bread!

Sharon Furner

Well this just looks delicious, magnificent!!!! I use a tajine a great deal. wonder if the recipes would work in it. However the tall lid makes it a challenge for the oven. Love ethnic foods from all over the world. I will check into purchasing..then go to bed with the book, just like you. LOL

Sharon Furner

There is only you to give due credit tooooooo, for my compulsive behavior. I went to the website and ordered one clay pot and one book by Wolfert! Wait till my husband sees that pan sitting next to my tajine on the stove top! You know like a piece of sculpture.
SOOOOO since I fell to your sales ability...which recipes do you like to mess around with? Will let you know what I think of this little side adventure!

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