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September 26, 2010


Mood Ring Mama

Beautiful reflection and lesson learned. I hope I'm as vibrant and waise as you when I grown up.


I love your blogs, Miss Sally...and I am remiss in commenting very often. I do it in my head often enough and forget to share it with you! I like that your postings go on FB, because if not in front of me, I forget to go to your blogsite. Out of sight, out of mind, sigh. Maybe just out of my mind?


Mood Ring, you are grown up. You are wise. Just stay on your feet.


donna, thanks for commenting. But you do not have to comment. I am going to do a blog on commenting.


I do not know if anyone looked at the pictures. This was a sunset on Saturday, and I took the pictures because it reminded me of doves or hands reaching out.

expat princess

Thanks for the conversation today. It touched my heart!


Hello Sally,
I am taking BWY too. I was just thinking today how much I appreciate people leaving me a comment when they drop by, and I try to do the same when I visit a blog that has something that has 'touched' me, whether that be an image, sentence or entire post. You kindly dropped by my blog the other day and I have not had the time yet to thank you in a reply, but after I saw this post, I thought I would like to do it here. Leaving a small word of encouragement about my blog was appreciated, especially since like you, I am new to this.

I have stopped by before and I like how your space here is evolving and you can tell you are becoming much more comfortable with it. I think there is a lot more to come from this 'radish' and it will be a pleasure to follow this journey.


Hi Sally,

Another BYWer here. You kindly left a comment on my blog last Friday, which I'm only now replying because I'm making an effort to follow Holly's example by staying off the computer over the weekend. That said, I felt guilty for taking so long to visit the blogs of all my lovely visitors who took the time to leave a comment last Friday.

I really admire how you've been blogging for so long, perhaps without hundreds of thousands of readers, but obviously you were fulfilled to have continued for five years. There is a lot to be said for doing what makes you happy regardless of outside influences.


Blue Moon Mama

I wanted to thank you for commenting at my blog recently. It always means so much to me when someone takes the time to leave their thoughts. I've been blogging a long time at lots of different blogs scattered around the internet and have never been able to really build myself a community of blogging friends. I think it's because I don't comment enough myself. I read tons of blogs regularly but only comment on a very few because I'm too critical of myself and too shy. Thanks for reminding me with this post that everyone loves to get comments & I should put myself out there a bit more.

Former navyatcgirl

Touch is powerful and a beautiful thing. Touch definitely doesn't have to be physical to be healing. Touch comes in many forms especially menta & emotional touch. I find your topics curious as they are so varied and thoughtful. I enjoy them Sally!

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