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September 27, 2010



I am posting whether you like it or not.
Only to say that this is one of the most stunning pictures of Elger Bay ever taken!
Nice work, Sally.
BTW... this is jimmy posting on Donna's site!!!!!


Thank goodness someone else posted first. I wanted to say I liked the photo very much and I agree with your post. My husband and I say the it takes a villae to raise a child. But humans think they are clever by living in nuclear families where the mum and dad end up exhausted. Thank you for visiting my blog. Charmaine (BWY student)

Sharon Furner

I fully agree with your essay. I, too, don't worry about who and how many people drop by my blog. For me it is a creative outlet, pure and simple. And times you can help others along the way. My kids are also my greatest fans...but they will comment "off line." So here is to writing, taking pictures, paintings and sharing to whomever in the universe!


Thanks for the shout out, Radish! I love reading your blog, and I especially love the pictures. Keep up the good work :-)

Thing 1

I love you Grandmere! Keep up the writing, and forgive me for my digression in breaking the "no commenting" rule. Have I told you that I love you?

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