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October 05, 2010


Mood Ring Mama

Dear Raw Radish - It's evident you are truly remorseful for the pain you may have caused, and your approach to making a meaningful apology is admirable; God forgives you and so will your friend. The cake sounds a lot more fun than the toilets.


Wonderful picture with the focus on the large off center shell leaving the others to be a textury background. The light also gets the eye to go to that focus point. Nice job! I love this picture...

expat princess

AUGHHHHH.... Don't you hate when that happens? I'll bet you just blurted it out. My 2 cents: fall on your sword and just say that you were not exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit (patience/restraint). Let us know how the apology goes .... P.S. since when did baking make you feel better? Go grill a steak instead.


Thank you Mood Ring. Toilets are easy. You know my chocolate cakes.

Expat, that is the worst part, I thought about it. The apology went well, but I think there was a divot.
Making a chocolate cake is exactly what I would like to do, because I started calorie reduction yesterday.

Thanks Lois, coming from you it is a very nice compliment.

MCV was Here

Ugh. Tough times. You did the right thing.

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