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October 11, 2010


expat princess

1) "totally drunkeness"???

2) "Only some guys had their very own sex machines." "Guys at least had to stand in line." ?????????? My MIL reads this, Mother!

3) Whew! We are taking one of those universities off the list. One wasn't even on it.

4) Can't wait to watch it!!!!

Mood Ring Mama

My favorite part of this post: "The second thing is that I realize why when I need technical help from a dot.com company, they do not take phone calls. This is because they are drunk, drugged or having sex." You crack me up mom.

We saw Secretariat this weekend, which we all enjoyed and did not include any of the above topics -- unless you consider Secretariat's prowess. He sired more than 600 foals. Who knew?

Sally Calligan

I wish to point out about Stanford, that it was first in ranking by the London Times,I think, of Universities in America. Cal was 5 or 6, Yale was next and UCLA followed.

Let's just leave this that I had way,too much to drink on occasion.

expat princess

Good thing your Grandkids don't read your blog;)!

MCV was Here

"Only some guys had their very own sex machines." My favorite line. I'm not even sure I know what it means but it's funny. Radish, you crack me up. I intend to share your thoughts on tech support with the customer support department at my new employer. I haven't noticed anyone have sex or taking drugs, but maybe I'm not paying attend.

LOVE the pic!

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